Throwing down the gauntlet or laying down the challenge? However you want to put it, “we’re running from Jozi to Durban. You in?” was a request from Joe Public we couldn’t refuse. So, yes, that’s happening. We’re happy to say training is in full swing and we’re looking good.


For ‘One School At a Time’, a Joe Public outreach programme which raises funds for schools in Soweto and Diepsloot. 

“We’re running on behalf of One School at a Time, a CSI initiative of Joe Public United that assists with the upliftment and advancement of high schools, in underprivileged areas within Johannesburg.  The desired impact is to create a highly functional, quality education system within our targeted township schools, so that our students have more opportunity to succeed post-matric for bursary applications, tertiary education, internships and employment possibilities. As Gorilla, we think this is awesome and something we should be a part of.” ~ Jarrod Pretorius, Creative Director.

This amazing programme all began from an insight into the incredibly long distances students had to travel to school. Hearing this, Joe Public decided to help and devised a rather empathetic way to raise funds. They would head down to Durban for the Loeries, taking it one stride at a time. Now in its second year, JP has asked us to join in. Gearing up and getting ready is Thabo, Paige, Dean, Jordan, Jarrod and Michelle, a 6 man team running for the jungle. They’ll be pounding the pavement, farm roads, and single track for a great cause.

Look out for #RunRillaRun popping into your feed from the 20th of August. Follow their progress on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. More importantly, you can participate by donating here: or by opening Snapscan and pointing it at this little fella:

We need all the help we can get if we’re gonna help all the people we want to, so pretty please, show some support ok?

We're running one stride at a time 2019!