To the ladies of our jungle; those at the frontline and those in support – we salute you.

The Invisible WomEn

To ma’olady
Wena magriza ongivusa ek’seni
The woman who makes a living baking amagwinya
The woman who calls me ngane yami,
Even though she’s never changed my nappy
To tannie Marieke who runs a small padstal
With the best biltong on your way to Pofadder
This is for the gogos who play i-diski eLimpopo.

This goes out to u-my sista lapho ekasi
That has been trying to get out, but simbiza amagama
Even though she’s the one who takes care of our mothers
As we navigate the inner cities
Searching for that ever-elusive paper

This goes out to the auntie
The guardjie made fun of at the rank
Because she had ill-fitting clothes
But what he never cared to know is
She used her last cent
To buy her grandchild a uniform vir die tweede nuwe jaar

So, to the invisible women that we have all seen
The domestic helper, the hawker, the tea lady,
The nanny, mamgobhozi, the PA, the receptionist

All the incredible, talented, weird, passionate women in pursuit of awesome
We think you are awesome.
We see you. We recognise.
We thank you.