For a day celebrating love and romance, February 14 carries a certain amount of… tension.

The temptation to succumb to the allure of romance is strong, but a few brands opted for the opposite direction.

when “i’m lovin’ it” is a PROMISE, not a TAG LINE

McDonald’s Thailand had a few Facebook posts which pushed the idea of loving a Big Mac. Too far? It’s not quite sitophilia but it’s…. close. It works because it’s both familiar in composition and disturbing in execution at the same time. It makes us both hungry, (result!) and a bit concerned.

“cheers” to your ex

Turning your status as a single into a cause for celebration using their name is a nice bit of wordplay from Dos Equis. On an occasion when couples are celebrating and singles are glum, they’ve reframed it as a time to say cheers to the one you’re glad got away.

say it with a gif

We are big fans of ideas that match the medium with the creative. Flying Fish pulls this off nicely with a Tweet asking fans to share gifs describing how they need help to save Valentines. A problem far too familiar to many of us. We all have a horror story, except for some of us it’s real life, not a memory. This gives most of us a chance to laugh at others’ misfortune and maybe, just maybe, turn someone from zero to hero. Burger King did something similar, urging people to explain why they need help. When you’re in a hole so deep, confessing on Twitter for Whoppers will make things better, then… yeah. You need all the help you can get.


Cell C and Vodacom had some fun interactions over ex’s. Looks like they’re customer swapping. This is less dirty than it sounds.

you know what pairs well with that? deceit

Liar Wine launched on Brexit Day, but they ran a promotion that really stands out on Valentines. Order 6 bottles for yourself and they’ll send a free bottle to whoever needs to be reminded they f**ked up. It’s not quite as in your face as a bag of dicks, but it’s in the same area. And if you’d like a reminder a little less enjoyable for the recipient, perhaps we can draw your attention to the San Antonio Zoo, where you can have a roach or rat named after your ex and then fed to one of their animals.

Tastes like resentment, with subtle notes of bitterness

she’s not wrong but that doesn’t make it right
This makes us uncomfortable. We didn’t say stop.

Is the Kraft ad so wrong it’s right, or just so, so wrong? It’s certainly funny and stands out from the clutter. But kid’s meals and parents having sex feel like a combo you wouldn’t normally associate, and once you do, there’s no turning back. However, more than a few of the parents in the office were nodding thoughtfully when we watched this one, so in terms of insight they clearly



nailed it.

Bonus Content: And speaking of double entendres, you know who also did something unusual? Pornhub. Unusual in that they had a pop up store selling SFW Valentines Day gifts. They claim to be all about getting people in the mood, but a coffee mug bearing their brand might not have quite the impact on your SO you intended.