Yesterday the, 30st of August, was the start of the latest controversial Julius Malema disciplinary hearing at Albert Luthuli House in Johannesburg.

While the news should have been about the hearing’s going-ons, they were massively overshadowed by violence when ANCYL supporters clashed with local police after supporters thew bottles and stones at police and journalists. The rioting became so bad there was word that the hearing would be moved to a secret location today.

One particular point of interest has been the fact that the majority of the news coming in regarding the riots have been captured by “Twitter Witness Account“.

Examples include:

06:53 @MandyWiener: Do you think #Malema has an appreciation for just how crucial today’s disciplinary is? I reckon he does.

08:48 @BantuSoul: I feel the ANC has a serious dilemma if Malema is found guilty and suspended there is a chance that the ANC wil implode,if they let him go then it shows who’s really in power #malema

11:09 @StheMtoloz: Julius Malema supporters singing “Zuma u are a rapist” at the Beyers Naude Square…yoh!!!!

12:30 @karynmaughan: Five more buses full of ANCYL supporters have arrived in town. But police adamant that situation is under control.

13:48 @gkonopi: As a YL member I will not justify ill discipline and the behavior of YL cde’s.Malema & YL NEC must follow ANC protocol

You can read more of the ongoing tweets on Twitter or more in the line of yesterdays tweets on News 24’s website.