Have you ever sat at your desk, on your couch,  in bed or on the bathroom throne and racked your brain for an idea that is going to make you a millionaire? Yeah me too. And so have millions and millions of other people. Once in a while, guys like these two have a cracker, and besides making a mint, bring to life an idea that changes human history.

This isn’t about those guys. This is about the guys who don’t make money from how clever an idea is, but from how dumb people can be… I’m not talking about the Bernie Madoff’s of the world, scamming people and businesses out of billions of dollars, with what on the surface appeared to be a legitimate business. I’m not talking about the simple no-brainers that just happen to be unique enough strike it big. I’m talking about selling to the quintessential “one”. From the saying “there is one born every minute”. And there truly is. Whether for vanity, greed, laziness, insecurity or simple lack of neural activity, they are buying crap in monumental volumes, crap like this.

Now the people that developed the JumpSnap, ropeless skipping rope, probably aren’t idiots. There is a little engineering going on, a bit of design work to get that “wow that thing is going to help me burn weight FAST” look going. Do you think that at any stage during the development of the website, or the filming of the “if you call right now, we’ll throw in a free box, and these NASA designed calorie burning, ropeless rope-jumping tights ABSOLUTELY FREE” infomercial, that any one sat back and said, “Guys come on. Its been fun, but lets be serious for a second. This is a ropeless rope. We are selling handles. These are weight-loss handles. No one is going to buy this crap”. I know they never sat back and said that. And here is why..

Because they knew people would buy this crap. Right now, somewhere (by somewhere i mean somewhere in the an American backwater town) someone (and by someone I mean a 130kg woman called Bertha) is jumping up and down, whirring her arms around in a blur of polyester and blubber, to the rythmic slapping of her arm-fat slapping her chest-fat. Bertha cashed in her foodstamps, and sent in $20 so that she could jump. Nothing more, nothing less.

So the next time you are racking your brain, thinking of the next big idea, think of Bertha and dumb your thinking down a whole lot.. you may make your millions!