From the beginning of time it has been clear that art is an important and ever evolving aspect of human life. What is even more apparent, is that throughout time people have loved drawing on walls, or any surface for that matter. Let’s face it, graffiti has been with us since the first hominids began climbing out of the trees. It’s been staring us in the face, and no one seems to have caught on that a lot of what is now regarded as classical historical art, was merely trashy street art back in its day, caused by “them pesky punks”. The cavemen did it. The Egyptians did it. The Greeks did it. The Romans did it. And we all know that crazy monkey Rafiki from The Lion King did some rad etchings of his own on Pride Rock. Let’s face it, deep down, as much as you denied it was you, we all at some point in our youth cracked open a fresh box of crayons and added some colour to our homes, much to mom’s dismay of course. Perhaps modern day graffiti is a little more extreme than our childhood misdemeanours, but like everything else in life, it’s just adapting along with the rest of the world. Street art has in the past, from the days of our prehistoric ancestors, shown lifestyle, happiness, trials and tribulations. These visualizations are still very apparent in modern day graffiti, showing a whole array of feelings. Love. Hate. Distaste. Territory. You name it, it’s as relevant in the past as it is in the present, and as it will be in street art of the future. Artworks are no longer just painted up under bridges or on walls. Street art has kept up with the calendar. From Grand Theft Auto to countless skating and car racing games, graffiti has mastered the physical world and has also broken into the digital one.

What I’m trying to get down to, is that the next time you see some dude putting his or her stamp on the neighbourhood wall, or your 4 year old tot drawing unrecognisable shapes on the lounge’s fresh coat of paint, try looking at it in a different light. Who knows, maybe in a couple of centuries that could very well also be a highly regarded historical work of art.