I’m watching a video of a presentation Seth Godin did to the staff at Google while i eat my lunch. Lunch by the way is an excellent chicken roti from the Total gas station next to Gateway. Yes, even our lunch time is spent working.So anyway, earphones in, mouth full of spicy chicken, and Seth Godin cracking jokes in front of the Google staff. It’s a 48 minute clip, and I’m wondering what Seth gets paid to do a talk not only to, but about, a company. It’s probably a sizeable chunk of change.

Then I start wondering if Google thought about the multitudes of people who would happily sit and watch a great mind discuss their brand for almost an hour. A guy talking about marketing to a brand becomes a marketing tool for the brand. Amazing.
I guess whatever they paid him, he’s probably worth 10 times the amount.
Seth is one of our heroes. Follow his blog here.