The 3rd Annual Interpret Durban went down at the BAT centre recently. The coolest thing about Interpret Durban is that it’s in its third year, which means Durbanites have stuck it out both in terms of supporting it and arranging it. Our hats go off to the organisers on throwing a very cool event that gave Durbanites a chance to see some local work shine. And a big thank you to convincing Big Idea to re-convene for their first live performance in four years. Perhaps it’s time for some new material, or at the very least a b-sides album! The creativity of the people in this town often gets relegated to second tier status compared to the hubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

There is undoubtedly more opportunity for an 031 citizen looking to pursue a career in design, music or marketing by dint of size alone. But moving to one of these places means sacrificing a lot, and it’s awesome to see the effort being put into growing Durban as a reputable source of talent as opposed to a supplier of ambitious creatives for other cities. Now if only we had a few more music venues… It also means you’ll only get to enjoy the Golden Mile through images like photography winner Marcel Duvenage’s photo instead of a walk on the promenade or a dawnie before work.

Big up, Durban, keep the awesomeness coming.

Photo by Marcel Duvenage