I was contacted on Linked In by a guy named Sean. Sean is a professional gift wrapper. I found this amazing for two reasons. The first is that someone has actually made a career out of something I really dislike doing. On top of that I assumed everyone else felt largely the same.

Wrapping was a distasteful but necessary chore that had become indelibly tied to the act of gift giving, possibly by the makers of wrapping paper and sellotape. That’s why those ludicrously expensive gift bags are so awesome.

Secondly, aside from those wrapping stations in shopping centres and the larnier sort of boutique store, I never imagined wrapping would be a service one would hire a professional for.

Sean’s company The Gifted Horse turns both those misconceptions on their heads, which goes to show you that you’ll never know what, or who, you might find on the internet, and what might possibly be passing you by unnoticed because you didn’t think to look.

What are your blinkers preventing you from seeing?