After an hour of self torture on an exercise bike, treadmill and other modern means of making life a little less fun, the only way to finish things (scuse the pun) off is by making awkward small talk with other near naked strangers in a very small, very hot wooden box. At least, that’s what I’ve been lead to believe.It’s not the sort of thing I’m inclined to research, any more than I would do a background check on running or pedaling. And yet I do all those things, frequently. Including the sweating. This doesn’t make me right. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t make me any different to the majority. Most of the guys I asked didn’t have a clue what good a sauna was supposed to do, or how exactly you’re supposed to go about it.

So the bartender says to the rabbi...
"So the bartender says to the rabbi..."

Some things people just do, without any thought to the correct way. Like eating sushi. or driving.

This isn’t necessarily bad, and can lead to new innovations. Just look what happened to the good old fashioned baseball cap.

My point is, if you’re a company producing a product or service, are you certain people are using it correctly? And if you’re using something for your company, are you doing it right?

Who knows, you might be following advice like this.