So after months of tweaking, fiddling and redesigning from scratch we’ve finally got around to getting our site up. It always seems that your own stuff is the work you’re most critical of, and the first thing to get shoved to the back of the pile when deadlines from clients loom. Which is why airline execs should all fly in economy and eat the army rations they call gourmet snacks. Another thing we’ve learned is that It just doesn’t make sense to wait until every last detail is to your satisfaction before you start the project. Of course it’s important to have a goal, an objective, a plan and know what you want to achieve, but if you’re determined to nail every glitch before it happens, you’ll never ever start. If you’re fully aware that you’re gonna have to at least patch one or two things up along the way, you’re more likely to get going, more comfortable (and so ready to face) potential setbacks, and better suited to thinking on your feet. While Dr Frankenstein ultimately managed to get his monster off the slab and terrorising villagers, I’m willing to bet there are a couple rather dodgy, twitchy earlier attempts cruising around the estate, possibly mowing the lawn or running for public office.

With that being said, please enjoy our site. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions drop us a line. Our creation is not yet perfect, and we’re gonna continue tweaking it until it gets there. But at the very least, it’s up and running.