[singlepic id=52 w=100 h=100 mode=watermark float=left]It’s been a six month build up to the opening of Wave House Sentosa, the fourth archipelago in the island string spanning the globe. Wave House wanted to unveil with a bang so they threw a three day party with top musicians from around the world and the first team flowboarding event. Singapore is a hub for traveling surfers heading to Indo and other eastern spots but doesn’t have any waves of its own. And they’re down for a big jol 24/7, making it the perfect location for a Wave House. But enough background.

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The International FLOW  (Flow League Of the World) Championship went down 16 – 18 October. Three days, the best 12 riders from around the world, huge crowds, music, dancing, the whole shebang. We’ve been doing daily updates of the action on WaveHouse.com and the Sentosa crew have done a great job of keeping people updated via their Youtube account and their Facebook page.

It’s the first event of it’s kind in flowboarding and a cool format. Team riders competed for individual points and honours, accumulated towards a team total. This included the FlowBarrel and FlowRider and strapless, strapped, dropknee and prone riding. Basically you had to rule on everything if you wanted to come out on top.

The South African team did a good job of representing right across the board and managed to fend off the US to take the inaugural title of World FLOW Champs. Stoked to be bringing it back home to the original Wave House. The event will most likely become an annual thing and with Wave House plotting to open at least one new venue across the globe each year, it’s gonna get big.