Scottburrough Pool GapAlright alright alright. The Fox road trip diary is up on Fox Brigade along with a couple of pics from some of the spots we hit up. Good times and we found some great places we’ll be going back to.

Having a destination and other things of an itinerant nature we couldn’t hit everywhere but we did a lot of scouting and will be going back to the N3 soon.All in all, we managed to winch at 3 spots we’ve never hit before, sessioned the Base 3 cable park, rode on the Vaal river in 3 different places and hit up a wakeboard contest / doef doef extravaganza. We drove over 1500 kms in four days, did a buttload of pushups, told lots of in jokes that would take far too long to explain and basically had an amazing time. You’ll have to wait for the full story on Fox Forward but for now, watching these two clips might make you feel like you’re part of the trip.

There are probably a few other videos out there that you could watch to make you feel like you were on the trip, but most of them are kinda gross and indecent.

Update: Jonno did an edit of his behind the scenes type footage. check it: