Do you love Steri Stumpie? We at Gorilla sure do, and when the Stumpie Crew heard of our adoration they sent out their magical delivery pigeons with a whole load of chocolatey goodness and goodies especially for us. How did they know chocolate was a Gorilla’s favourite flavour! The Steri Stumpie campaign is absolutely fantastic and really growing in momentum… you must have a look for yourself,  CLICK HERE to visit their super colourful website and support the Flavour Nation. You can request your own drop of delicious Steri loveliness or if you are a true die hard fan get nominated as a Steri Stumpie Ambassador. Go Team Stumpie!

The whole idea of brands adding that personal touch and making their fans feel special is quite simply awesome. Nothing encourages the spread of brand love more than when the brand actually spreads a bit of love first. As we have seen with the Old Spice responses campaign and its bajillion views on YouTube, Followers, and Fans.. the personal touch certainly gives brands that magic touch. Steri Stumpie has brought some magic in to the Gorilla Office this sunny Thursday morning, just look at the fun we had with our Stumpie crew at our office in The Wave House (haha you should see the things I suggest when I’ve actually had some sugar!)… keep spreading your awesome awesomeness Stump Towers.

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