What’s the coolest thing you can think of doing with a large group of people? Calm down and get your minds out of the gutter! We’re talking about flash mobs.

Thanks to the help of the internet and social media, flash mobs have really gained popularity over the last decade. Despite the fact that they are difficult to arrange and even harder to execute, they have become marketing commonplace and a well timed job can affect a much greater target area. More then half the challenge is actually getting them on camera, or everyone’s efforts can be wasted.

Youtube is strewn with every oddball group with a message’s failed attempts at recording public shock and awe. But every once and a while you’ll find a gem that’s worth sharing. Personally we love them, and this world record attempt at The World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight, while not a traditional flash mob, is exactly why!

8,957 people! 175,141 balloons. Enjoy.