What is a parody account you may ask? A parody account is something truly special in any form of media and they have been around for heavens knows how long.

One of the newest parody accounts to hit the scene reared its provocative head (yes, reared and provocative are very fitting) just over a week ago and has been kicking up a storm on Twitter.

Still wondering about “reared” and “provocative” are we? Well, quite simply this chick was reared free range and is sharing a whole lot of skin in what can only be described as some sultry poultry poses. That’s right, the bird who has sparked some major buzz is none other than Sexy Chicken, or @NYTChicken if you prefer Twitter handles.

It all got started when The New York Times published an article with the somewhat provocative picture you see above this text. This bare all photo was spotted by an ever mindful social media user who introduced Sexy Chicken to the web the very next day.

Sexy Chicken opened the floor to the world with the following Tweet and what a reaction she received.

  • Yes. They’re real. Now, stop staring at them.  NYTChicken
  • @NYTChicken For goodness sake, cover yourself. I recommend something in a nice Original Recipe. :-)>kfc_colonel
  • @kfc_colonel Insulted. Do I look fast food to you? Listen up, old man: These gams are free range. NYTChicken

These witty and humorous Tweets and replies have captured the character of Sexy Chicken perfectly. It’s no wonder this buxom bird is making waves. To see an interview with and read more about this tasty chick, check her out here.