The godfather of modern technology
 Videos, comments and pics to say iThank you.

We here at Gorilla have put together a little something to show our gratitude to one of the men who started it all, and continued to bring it well into the 21st century. After practically inventing the modern computer, Steve moved on to develop modern film with Pixar, then came the iPod, iPad, etc…the list goes on. As the news of his resignation as CEO of Apple sinks in, we bid him Adieu.

We have also created a Facebook page in order to show our gratitude to Steve as he moves forward. We can’t wait to see what you do next. Visit the page to add your contributions.

Here is our dedication:

Dear Steve,

We have lived in a generation where a man has changed the way we interact with the world. From design to functionality, Steve Jobs built a culture around experience. Product experience. Technological experience. Retail Experience. I love my Mac and iProducts. Not like, or look after. LOVE. And I’ll probably never stop loving them. And for that Steve, you need a big thank you.

iThank you.