We’ve had a couple of interns from Vega in the office for a month and they’ve been kept very busy. We tried to get them involved with as many aspects of the day to day as possible, and also tried to throw them in the deep end whenever we could.

One of the challenges we set them (and our permanent resident intern Kath) was a Facebook advertising task: create an ad campaign for Gorilla’s page. Each intern was given a budget of R250 and told that the campaign at the and of a week with the highest CTR would be crowned the winner, and could shift whatever tasks on their plate they weren’t too keen on to their fellow interns.

It was an interesting experience watching their approach to advert construction; where they placed emphasis and the strategy behind each advert. The results are below, with the Magical Henchman Steve Ilbury dominating Gareth and Kath by quite a comfortable margin.

Our Vega interns are done with us now, hopefully they had a cool experience and if anyone out there is looking to do an internship our Designer and Brand Voices have become quite accustomed to minions…