[singlepic id=158 w=130 h=130 float=left]Yesterday YouTube announced on their blog that they have added a new territory to their list of Locations, yes you’ve guessed it… South Africa.

So… when you next visit YouTube, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will be able to choose South Africa as your current location.  Obviously, if you are not in SA this may not be of interest… but check it out anyway!

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What will this actually mean to us… the good residents of South Africa?  YouTube states that ‘from now on when users in South Africa visit the localized site they will see, for example, the Most Popular and Most Viewed videos in South Africa along with local content that closely matches their interests’.  I think this will probably be the main benefit for the average “YouTuber” like you or me.

YouTube also believes that ‘South Africa-based channels like Freshlyground and Khayav should enjoy more profile locally, and at the same time should also find it easier to identify other local users.’

YouTube seems to be rather happy about expanding their empire, and I for one am happy we are now included in the buzzing YouTube community.