It’s a slow day in the Gorilla HQ. Even constantly browsing the web while researching some upcoming projects can make a man have need for pause, if only to let the latest ingestion of caffeine percolate into your frontal lobe. Seeking something fresh and distracting we asked our Twitter followers to recommend some boredom breakers. We have, for your pleasure, the following three wonderful suggestions from Noodlesndoodles, Travis Gale and Lauren Prior.

Noodlesndoodles – For sheer literary and visual pleasure, Noodlesndoodles suggested hyperboleandahalf . The wiriting is good, the images are terrible, but the two combined create something sublimely entertaining. It reminds me of my friend Dave, but without the biting sarcasm. Worth checking out.

Travis suggested – Attack of the Sprouts. Button bashing flash fun. simple straightforward, and guaranteed to eat up a few minutes. Possibly more if you’re in an office of impossibly competitive ghuys willing to turn ANYthing into a contest and bet money on the outcome.

Lastly, Lauren put forward Canvas Rider, which is cool for all kinds of reasons. Also ridiculously addictive. Like if Crystal Meth cleaned herself up, put on a nice cocktail dress, went to an upmarket bar and met Cocaine, who took her back to his place and knocked her up during their one night stand. The baby they would have is as addictive as Canvas Rider. In fact, I dictated this last paragraph while playing Canvas Rider.

Thanks guys!

If doesn’t cut it keep ingesting sugar and caffeine. In large quantities they are inversely proportional to your attention span, and it’s impossible to be bored when you can’t focus past 11 seconds.