Successfully fusing brand ideology with popular media is no easy task. Many of you have either briefed, or been briefed, the task of creating “a song/music video/ T-shirt/jingle” that “subtly yet powerfully incorporates the cleaning prowess of Powder Burst White washing powder, into a cutting-fusion of Afro-Urban Hip Hop. Let’s have a popular DJ endorse/mix/remix the final product and play it on repeat for 3 months. People will love it, parents will re-name their child Powder Burst, and rivers and basins around the country will be afroth with our patent pending Uber-Bubble Granules.”

And you’ll spend R22mil on airtime, forcing the bubble-ballad down people’s ears. Or you can do what the following guys did. Produce content that first and foremost is relevant to the target market. Consumers don’t want to be force fed anything. Give them a piece of pie that they want though, and they’ll happily pass it around to share with their friends, all the while getting ready for seconds.

High 5s to those the spot the “hidden” brands right away.

The next one is a little easier to spot: Still a classic example of branded content

Awesome clips: Gorilla was briefed to re-produce an SA Cricket version of these vids. SA Cricket are SLOW to move on things.

Brand revealed in the end, but show this clip to anyone that supports a British football team, and they’ll goose-bump up.

Last one. Super simple. Super clever. Super fun. The font used in the video gave it away for me. See if you can guess the brand behind this before the end.

Know some other examples of great branded content? Please send them through to us. The best will be posted.