Want a dose of the world’s best social campaigns to see you in to a mid-week break? Good then read on, because Facebook Studio has just announced it’s awards for 2013. For those of you who aren’t aware, Facebook Studio is a showcase of some of the world’s most successful social marketing. The panel of judges selecting the winners is a global who’s who of creative excellence, including Chief Creative Officers from Weiden + Kennedy, DDB WW, AKQA, JWT, Leo Burnet amongst others. As a Facebook Award, the submissions and awards are obviously focused on the social network, with categories including, pages, apps, and advertising.

Here’s a selection of the Gold winning work, with OREO taking the top award for 2013 with it’s inspired Daily Twist Campaign.


Agency: DraftFCD and 360i

“On June 25, 2012, Oreo launched a social media campaign that would forever change what a cookie can do: the Oreo Daily Twist. One hundred ads in 100 days turned trending news stories into visual treats. Oreo cookie’s unique perspective on the world didn’t just grab the attention of 27 million Facebook fans: it became news itself.”

Campaign Video

Some of the posts were inspired

The idea for the last ‘Twist’ was crowdsourced in Times Square and produced live in a virtual pop-up agency. Oreo asked its Facebook fans what topics they wanted to see featured as the final Daily Twist. As the team worked on concepts, the images were projected on a massive Times Square billboard so fans could pick their favorite and track its progress up through the final posting: ‘The Anniversary of the High Five’.

A little village goes global!

Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat

Client: Graubunden Tourism


“The little mountain village of Obermutten, Switzerland, issued a promise on Facebook: anybody who likes the village’s Facebook Page can have their picture posted on the village bulletin board. The photos are printed out by the mayor and his staff, and pinned up on the board. Pictures of the bulletin board are then posted to Facebook, so that the fans can see their own photos there and tag them. In this way, a small village can go around the world!

We realized that there are many Facebook fans who click the Like button, but who never gain any real connection to the brand. With this campaign, we wanted to break the barrier between the online and offline worlds, and give the fans that real connection. We also wanted to show that in the small, charming holiday villages in Graubünden, a personal relationship with their visitors is important. The goal is to boost tourism in this remote region and give it a personal and individual touch.”

You’ve got a case!

Agency: BBDO


“AT&T wanted to help young people convince their parents they deserve a new 4G smartphone for the holidays. But smartphones are pretty pricey gifts. If they really deserve one, they’d need a convincing argument. So we created Kent Wesley, the world’s #1 Facebook attorney, to help them prove that they really deserve one.

We positioned Kent as a real attorney, complete with his own digital ad campaign and accompanied by all the design elements one might find in a fancy law firm: marble, mahogany, gold inlay, antique globes, the works. People visit Kent in his stately Facebook office via the ‘You’ve Got a Case’ application, where the interface is worthy of Kent’s high-paying clients.

Using the You’ve Got a Case app, youngsters hire super-attorney Kent Wesley to convince their parents to buy them a 4G smartphone. With the help of a random selection of expert witnesses who testify on their behalf, Kent spins their Facebook info into an airtight legal argument. Their personalized case video plays in a luxurious frame with golden ornaments for all of their friends (and their gift-givers) to see. And their case video also posts directly to your defendant’s Facebook Wall—along with a link to “settle out of court” by buying them the phone.”

Nike Academy

Client: Nike UK

Agency: AKQA


How do you give young footballers the unlimited access to pro clubs they crave and narrow the gap between amateurs and the superstars they idolise? How can you provide late-developing and unlucky kids a second chance to get back into the professional game?

We built our own club from scratch. And invited everyone inside. Introducing Nike Academy—the social media football club. We recruited unsigned players through social media, gave them an elite training programme in a dedicated, professional-standard center of excellence at Loughborough University, and pitched our club against some of the world’s biggest teams including Barcelona, Arsenal and Inter Milan.

We embedded an on-site social media team to maintain our dedicated Facebook Page and give fans true 24/7 access. Next, we invited our audience in, allowing them to follow the academy players’ journey and give them access to professional tactics, training and coaching, previously unattainable insights into how a club is run. We created a forum where young footballers asked experienced staff and coaches how to improve their game and get direct answers. Inspiring young footballers to play more. And play better.

Case Study Video Here

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