A penny auction site called Dibsit officially launches July 27th but is open for registration. A couple of months ago the owners came to us with a name and a dream and asked us to put together their brand DNA. An interesting challenge as they had very strong ideas on the character of their company and one of the stipulations was that it must stand apart from existing platforms with similar services.

We commissioned  Parsons Branding to develop the design of the logo and brand identity which including a family of unique icons for use on the website and they did and amazing job of bringing the brand positioning to life.

Penny auctions, for those who don’t know, are a hybrid of entertainment, shopping and auctions, where bidders pay to place a bid on an item. Dibsit has a thorough and simple explanation and a bunch of products up for auction. Follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook to keep up to speed with their auctions and special offers.