So what is content?

Very simply “content” is every video, sound, story, or image that makes up the interactive experience a user has with your brand. Content strategy describes all the things you should have done to make sure the videos, sounds, stories and images that are out there about your brand, were useful, engaging, and relevant.That’s what we do. We take your brand, sit it down around the campfire, and get it to tell stories.

To be entirely serious, we believe that the content your brand produces is one of your most critical business assets. As such we integrate with all your existing communication channels, creative agencies, and brand strategy, and put a human face on all of it.  We want people to fall in love with your brand; to tattoo it on their chest, or name their first born son after it. Great ads sell product. Great brand stories make people fall in love.

And Gorilla is really good at story telling.