If you aren’t willing to back yourself, why should anyone else? Humility is a noble quality in an individual but when it comes to requiring the buy in from others, you need to show confidence in what you’re offering. The same goes for individuals and corporates.

Yogi Sip have recently launched a campaign that shows a huge amount of faith in their fans. Entrants are invited to submit ads, with the winning submission earning R100 000.

The voting process has gone live and guys are viewing the ads, but the view counts are way lower than the votes. Why is that?

Well it seems that you have to buy a Yogi Sip to do anything involving the contest. You need the unique code on the bottle, which means you have to buy one to register, one to vote, one to comment etc.

Which makes us wonder about the objectives of the campaign? Is it a volume driver, as indicated by the unique code scenario, or is it a creative marketing exercise to tap into the ingenuity of the consumer? Or is it an attempt to analyse how the public interprets the brand’s slogan?

Any one of these are viable marketing objectives.

Another factor is the competition process. Anyone can watch the vids, but the judging is based on voting, which means the crappiest concept of them all could win because the maker went out and bought a couple cases of product. Out of the ads I’ve seen, the best concepts aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest votes or views. One assumes that the Yogi Sip brand manager is trusting that the most popular concept is also best suited to the brand.

Ultimately, cool marketing ideas are vital, but the objectives of the campaign they apply to need to be kept at the forefront of planning. I’m sure the campaign creators here had clear objectives, but they aren’t to clear to us.

Anyway, we had a concept that we think deserves to win. Buy a Yogi Sip and vote for us. The ad is titled “Keeps You Rolling”, is submitted under the name Gorilla, and was done in collaboration with videographor/editor Jimmy Reynolds and skater/beatmaker Terrence Pearce.

We’re willing to back ourselves on this one.

Yogi Sip “Keeps You Rolling”

Update: After our first 24 hours on the site we are the day’s most viewed video with 158 views. Not a bad way to start the morning.