On November 6 the Assegais honoured marketing that hits the mark, and we walked away with two awards (awarded, not stolen!)The judging criteria focuses on strategy, creativity and ROI, so campaigns must be full bodied and balanced in order to crack the nod.

We were thrilled to take home our first Assegais ever for work on POND’S and Shield. POND’S earned theirs in the MMS, SMS and Mail category for the flawless radiance 7 Day Challenge campaign, which centred on an SMS mechanic and encouraged POND’S fans to change their lives through incremental alterations to their outlook and daily regime.

Shield’s was in the Face to Face Activations / Field Marketing category for the B+W launch held at the Top Gear Festival in Durban.

Both of these campaigns had multiple elements and required that each communication channel, whether it was an on-the-ground activation or a simple text message, integrate with the other components and mediums used. What we’re most happy about is that our efforts to give fans a brand experience that was consistent and engaging across multiple mediums was recognised. Yay for building brand love.