Last year FTS Safety was looking to re-vitalise, rejuvenate and re-vamp their company image, so they came to Gorilla.  And this is what we did for the fine people of FTS Safety…

For over 20 years FTS Safety has been providing top-quality safety equipment and safety wear, and more recently top-quality security products as well, to Africa’s workforce. Needless to say safety is serious business, as the right safety equipment can literally save lives.  What Gorilla wanted to do was add the fun factor, some humour and pinch of irreverence to FTS Safety’s image, with the intention of making safety a subject employers and companies took notice of. We also took inspiration from the Darwin Awards (awards for people who meet their end in an unusual and often ridiculous manner) and we found endless images of workers on building sites and in factories with no concept of safety!  These brave and foolhardy individuals demonstrate how not to work safely, but never fear, FTS Safety are here and offer everything required to keep your workforce safe.

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Let me introduce you to Kyle…

With Kyle we launched the brand spanking new FTS Safety website.  In terms of safety wear and equipment in South Africa this website is cutting edge, as we have yet to find anyone else who allows you to order and purchase safety gear and equipment completely online.   We basically made buying safety equipment for a workforce easy, convenient, and if we do say so ourselves, cool.

As well as expanding in cyber space, FTS Safety also expanded in to two new offices, one in Tzaneen and another in Jo’burg.  We helped promote and launch these offices and we look forward to helping them shout about their next achievements.

See Kyle for yourself, check out the FTS Safety website at