[singlepic id=143 w=130 h=130 float=left]I was inspired by Barry’s Blog on the Most Awesomest Things to sit and think about what my most awesomest things were!  I spent a long time considering these so I thought my effort constituted a blog! Plus, you can get to know the person behind the Gorilla. I’ll poke the other Apes with a stick so they can let you know their most awesomest things in the world.  I can guess though …. flow boarding, canoe polo, surfing, shoes and sunglasses (Barry) and of course bananas!

1 – Air… allows us to breathe, which is nice, I like to breathe!  That moment when you break through the surface of the water after holding your breath for a long time, and finally there it is, air.  But also when air rushes by you as you travel exhilaratingly fast on a jet ski, on a motor bike, on a rollercoaster, or as you fall (hopefully with a parachute) at a speed of 120mph from a plane … that feeling is truly awesome.

2 – Art… is creating, it is enlightening, and it is about sensing.  One piece of art can mean so many things to so many different people, and when you place it in a different era or look from a different perspective it can mean more again.  Art can be beautiful, grotesque, moving, impressive, awe-inspiring, powerful and politically and socially potent … it can be so much, including awesome.

3 – Music… is awesome for all the same reasons as art.  It can express emotion more than an infinite number of words ever could. It has the ability to turn a bad day in to a great one if you listen to the perfect song.  I adore the influence music has, it can change the mood of a whole room, it can make a party pump, it can make people laugh or cry, and it can soothe or torment.  Music can make people dance and sing, jump and be utterly ridiculous.  I just love the power of music.

4- Vintage… we should always look to the past to understand the future.  How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve come from? And I like to do so with reverence and respect.  I love all things old, kitsch and classic.  And the hunt for the perfect vintage necklace, tea cup, bag, armchair to restore, bracelet charms, or grandmother clock is all part of the fun.

5 – Trees... linked very closely to air, without trees we certainly wouldn’t have as much oxygen!  I like the way trees change with the seasons, when their leaves fall and go all crunchy on the ground, or when they blossom and smell amazing.  And you can’t beat lying under a palm tree on the beach and enjoying a cocktail.  Which leads me on to …

6 – Cocktails...  there is a cocktail to suit everyone and every mood.  Sometimes I’m in a majito mood; I need something fresh and minty.  Or a decadent mood and a strawberry daiquiri is perfect, or I sometimes it’s nice to be a little sophisticated and enjoy a cosmopolitan.   I love the whole vibe surrounding cocktails and cocktail bars, there’s something undeniably cool about them.

7 – Planes… I am not an aviation nerd or anything like that.  I just think the invention of flight and passenger planes was awesome.  We can visit pretty much anywhere in the world, and normally will get there within, or just over, a day.  Planes may make the world seem smaller, but they also make our potential to experience it huge.  And you can jump out of them!

8 – Tea… it is the best drink in the world and that is all that I have to say on that.

9 – Biscuits… to be enjoyed along side, and dunked in number 8.  The ultimate treat when you need some comforting, are having a tough day at work, or when it’s cold outside and you’re getting cosy on the sofa.

10 – Internet… yes, it has to be on the list.  With the internet you can learn all about the above and so much more.  Stay in contact with friends and family, which is especially important when you live in a different hemisphere to most of them.  You have a world of knowledge and information at your fingertips and it makes life so much more instant.