Many companies and brands lead communication and marketing activities and produce them in a moments notice depending on ideas and needs. During the course of this operation arise a number of different solutions which later turn into cosmic chaos. When choosing many routes, in addition to shortcuts, it is hard to come up with only one.  And it is even harder to succeed. The best cure for marketing chaos is strategy.

To control the situation you have to answer the questions: where am I and where do I want to go. First, we begin with SWOT analysis. It is necessary to thoroughly understand and have knowledge about your brand and its surroundings as well as the opportunities and threats associated with it. Here, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself.

Later on, we wonder what characterizes out customers, what they like, what bothers them, how they can develop sale scenarios. To what extent do our services and products meet market expectations. We smoothly move on to check the competition – closer and farther. At this stage, it is worth thinking about decoding the communication of these brands and try to predict their next steps.

When we know where we stand, what are our pros and cons and who our competitors are, we can try to predict our place in the future. When setting goals, we start from the short term – in three months, in six, in a year. But we need to think about what will happen in five years too. Only by knowing the starting point and ending point can we start planning the road ahead. However, the devil is in the details. Between our intentions and our actual capabilities there is a very important space called a strategic gap. Its apt defines and plans a way make our goals become real.

Now, with a clear conscience we can select the marketing tools and develop the creative process. Everything that we have previously done in a rush is replaced by thoughtful action that is spread out over time, accurately targeted to achieve the goal.

Sometimes, even the most experienced company loses track. Therefore, it is wise to use the services of an agency that has not only the experience, but above all can objectively carry out the process.

To be continued…