Fortunately with virtual baskets we do not have to put the items back on the shelves, but is that enough reason to feel satisfied and proud? See how 4 steps you can quickly correct the number of finalized transactions.

1. What to do to make the customer’s basket full?

What is most important is the product and information about them. The others must be complete and comprehensive. Always a good way is to present a substitute and complimentary products. And when finalizing purchases, showing other trinkets or matching products that emphasize their promotional price. It is a practice commonly used in the RTV AGD field, where at the end of buying a notebook, they additionally show a bag, screen wipes, and a mouse.

2. Why do customers abandon full baskets in our shop?

The main causes are a lack of an empty cart and the page for finalizing purchases. This step should take place on a single screen, and in exceptional cases – on two. The last stage does not always guarantee adequate security transactions. They often lack information about the possibility of returning products and terms and time of delivery. It is important to remember that a purchase online is kind of a purchase in the dark, which is why full contact details cannot be missed. After all, everyone is afraid that they might be cheated.

3. How to speed up a sale?

On the other hand, if we want to quickly end a transaction, one of the most effective solutions is to state the number of available products with the estimation of their disappearance from the warehouse shelves. We then give a straightforward but not pushy message – something like, buy now, later there will be none.

4. What can be done so that the client returns to their shopping items and purchases them?

I am a strong supporter of CRM systems and SalesMango Kentico, which really affect the automation of work by saving time and money. If the customer already abandoned their basket, the first thing to do is to inform them of the decreasing number of available products and later on changes in prices (especially for discounts). Mailing should also contain similar products. We are not trying to force the customer to be happy. If they are looking for a lamp, do not send him carpets.

Of course, these actions can be aided with remarketing, especially by creating a performance in real life for potential customers through all Internet resources.

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