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One of the biggest challenges in creating the new website of the Wrocław Waterworks was a very wide target audience – the residents of Wrocław (including visually impaired), cooperatives, businesses.

The service had to be integrated with internal MPWiK systems, such as: monitoring the state of the Oława River or the notification system, showing the malfunctions or planned temporary stoppages of the water supply network.

So, it meant not only creating a portal providing information but also a one that would make the users engage with it.

Fulfilling the excessive safety requirements and ensuring the continuous operation of the service, even in the event of sudden increase of visits during the malfunction of the waterworks.


We proposed creating a service in a tool form, based on the tile structure, in which every element may have a different function.

In order to accommodate all the content of the service (almost 200 subpages) and simultaneously keeping the budget on the reasonable level, we came up with a solution that allowed composing content of every subpage individually, from a library of a few dozens of elements.

Cooperating with the customer’s IT department we also developed ways to automate posting information about malfunctions, including automatic displaying of special messages in emergency situations. All the data were taken from the customer’s own internal monitoring systems.


Having in mind the need to provide the full availability of the service, including events of rapid increase of the visits, the whole infrastructure was based on Amazon servers. In any case of the need for more server resources, more and more machines are put to use, what increases the capacity for bigger traffic on the website.

The system passed the first major test during the malfunction of the water main on 7. May 2017 – a failure that impacted the life of many residents of the city.

In order to ensure the website accessability for visually impaired, we also implemented the easements accordingly with guidelines described in WCAG 2.0 AA.

Usługi zostały wykonane w umownym terminie z należytą starannością.

Piotr Słomianny Dyrektor Finansów

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