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We created a new online offer presentation for MAGO S.A.

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Our goal was to replace the old version of the website with the new branding website, focused on generating leads.

Fixing the complex product and service portfolio and arranging it in a transparent and intuitive offer.

Presenting the global range of the customer’s brand.

Presenting different content for different regions.

Flexibility in composing the offer, including easy editing.

The new MAGO website was also to set new trends for WWW services in the industry, while the modern solutions were supposed to emphasise the position of the leader in the market.


During our workshops with the customer we forged a comprehensive offer structure, which fulfilled the requirements of the sales department and in the same time was easy to understand for a potential user, visiting the website.

We also changed the way of presenting the offer. Instead of typical product catalogue, we showed complex solutions which inspired the users.

We proposed a new layout concept, based on full-screen photos of customer’s realizations. Because the photos were indeed very colourful, we limited the graphic design to basic colours (black and white) with a delicate, final touch of orange.


In order to provide the flexibility of the offer elements composition, we implemented a solution allowing a free-form composition on the website, comprised of the previously prepared elements.

And to emphasise the global reach, instead of standard contact form, we created a globe with customer’s offices and the network of distributors applied on its surface. The globe was rotatable in any direction, even on a smartphone.

The service was integrated with “marketing automation” solutions, what allowed gathering more data about the potential leads.

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