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We proudly present Executive Suites at the Hippodrome!

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The Challenge

Executive Suites at The Hippodrome is a service of renting office space in the building erected at the place where the famous New York theatre Hippodrome had been located.

The Executive Suites product is one of several office rental products that Edison Properties offer at that location. Our task was to make the website distinguishable from other websites, for other renting services.

The main website aim is to generate sales leads, which due to the product nature have to be redirected directly to a salesperson, whose aim is to complete the sale procedure.


The website design has been developed so that any path a user follows would always lead to encouragement to make contact and the longest path to the target would not exceed three clicks.

The most obvious mode of contacting is telephone communication, which makes it possible to complete the sales pipeline in the quickest mode and it would be the method of contact, which the client prefers. The layout has been developed so that after entering the mobile version, you need just click the first large banner to activate a phone connection which makes it considerably easier for a user who is travelling to contact the client.

Irrespective of telephone contacts, we have also placed a contact form, that makes it possible to leave a message out of normal office hours.

We have also prepared sections for undecided prospective clients, which show the key offer advantages in a concise and specific way. We avoided long texts to minimize the length of time needed for reviewing the offer.

Design & UX

To emphasize location advantages, we have developed an interactive map. Marking key services available in the vicinity, that might be filtered by such categories as restaurants, hotels, transport, commerce and Park Fast.

We have also taken care of synergy between other client services, which might be of interest to users of the Executive Suites services. We have incorporated information of parking network into the map, and we refer to the Hippodrome service more discerning clients who need more spacious offices.


The service has been created basing on our in-house Tribe CMS solution, which was developed with the use of PHP language and Laravel 5 framework.

The whole website has been designed as responsive.

For the interactive map we have used maps from the OpenStreetMap project and the Mapbox tool, making it possible to adapt their appearance to our requirements.

Technology used:

I worked with Gorilla Agency on the complete redesign and development of a website for one of our brands, and was very pleased with the team's quality of work as the project progressed through strategy, design, and development phases. With me based in New York and Gorilla overseas, their flexibility and responsiveness was crucial to a strong working relationship and a successful project.

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