After the analytical part, which gives us a base and solid knowledge, comes the time to pack. It is widely known that the appearance of a product must be attractive. Packaging is not limited to only a box or a bag, but primarily it is the products whole visual communication with which the client has to deal with.

Some compare marketing to wrapping with gold paper. Of course this should not be taken literally. Remember that you talk people who think critically and share your opinions. We must therefore avoid exaggerated promises to show real benefits

We know where we are and we know where we want to be. We prepare concepts of positioning, or a description of the brand – what it is, what it does, what ideas we have for it. Well, if the latter is related to the name or symbols, in the end this is not necessary.

If we have a slightly higher budget, it is good to examine concepts that are directed to our target group. The idea that is evaluated as credible, that falls into people’s memories the most, cause the most discussion. Each encounter with the target group is a mine of knowledge.

The concept of a solid foundation for the though creation of a Big Idea, meaning the concept and motive of all communications. It is based on a deeper meaning and creation, adapted to individual channels, which leads brand communication and advertising actives. It is important that the strategy is bearing, provides that it can be operated more than once, and also that it can be translated into both a TV commercial and a Facebook activity. In summary, there can be many channels, but there can only be one strategy. She decides whether an ad is effective and whether it will be well received.

Of course if your budget allows it, it is well worth it to carry out tests on the target group. In this case just a percentage spent on an advertisement allows us to figure out a problem or change that is recommended by the customers and thus increases the efficiency of transmission.

Sometimes the Big Idea lasts for half a year. It can even be so brilliant that it can be used for several years. The most difficult but also the most valuable ideas are long-term. Customers are invited to a presentation, they familiarize themselves, and even attach to forms of communication.

The next step is already execution. The stage is strongly directed to the creative department. It is also the most promising part of the work because the results are visible immediately. It is almost instantly known if something is liked or not.

Only after focusing all of the activities mentioned in the texts about marketing chaos can we talk about strategy. And also about the communication campaign. A well thought-out and coherent campaign is more credible for a client. This in turn should translate into sales.

Marketing strategy could be summarized in one sentence. It is thought-out solutions embedded in attractive creations.