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The Challenge

Our agency was tasked with designing a platform connecting service providers in the beauty industry and aesthetic medicine with clients searching for such services. We also developed the website’s entire visual identity and logotype. The next task consisted in the implementation and operation of the designed platform.

On the end-user side (B2C), the website had to ensure an intuitive and fast search and booking track, and, at the same time, accessibility to both traditional computers and mobile devices.

The service provider part of the platform (B2B) is not only a panel for profile management on Probello, but rather a complete reservation service system along with a comprehensive set of tools for salon management. The objective of the B2B part was to encourage service providers to stop using their current tools, and to transfer their company management to Probello. The challenge was the specification of the panel’s end-user, that is, salon reception-desk staff. In most cases they are people unfamiliar with new technologies and their main tool, and our competitor, was a classic paper calendar.


In order to meet the challenge, we already involved selected service providers at the stage of service design, and asked them for lists of requirements for the future system. We also collected detailed information about the specifics of their work. Based on that information, we developed website functionality documentation, according to which all the website views were designed and website mechanics were programmed.

UX research was also carried out at that stage, including heuristic research and card sorting.

Upon completion of the designing stage and development of the first version of the website, we started the beta version to be used by a select group of service providers. We then conducted a mini advertising campaign aimed at attracting the first clients.

The next step was an analysis of website usefulness which, apart from an evaluation of anonymous user behaviour, also included focus studies, which allowed us to assess the current level of website usefulness. The production version was developed on the basis of the conducted surveys.


Due to the project’s uniqueness, we decided on the exclusive use of our proprietary programming solutions. The website engine, along with the CMS, was constructed on the basis of the PHP Zend framework. In order to achieve high search performance we decided to use Elasticsearch – a server solution based on Apache Lucene. Thus, the system not only searched for a specific service but also found free time slots, sorted results by clients’ scores and ensured result filtering by many other parameters.

The front-end part was coded using the jQuery library and Twitter Bootstrap libraries.

Technology used:

The Gorilla Agency was involved from the first stages of the project supporting us in developing a concept that later became reality with Probello. They helped us on every phase of the process - from identifying realistic goals for our services, through webdesign, development to the execution of the communication strategy. The whole project was carried out professionally and with full commitment, therefore we recommend Gorilla as a trusted business partner.

Probello S.A. Team

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